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1 Emil Persson 26,400,000
2 Astrid Øyre Sli... 25,587,856
3 Ida Dahl 25,490,319
4 Andreas Nygaard 25,090,602
5 Tord Asle Gjerd... 24,584,931
6 Kasper Stadaas 24,454,035
7 Max Novak 24,254,434
8 Johannes Eklöf 24,074,060
9 Britta Johansso... 24,058,203
10 Oskar Kardin 23,980,610
11 Emilie Fleten 23,879,176
12 Stian Hoelgaard 23,789,140
13 Johan Hoel 23,746,548
14 Morten Eide Ped... 23,730,691
15 Herman Paus 23,470,459
16 Karstein Johaug 23,459,624
17 Lina Korsgren 23,111,810
18 Runar Skaug Mat... 22,987,428
19 Torleif Syrstad 22,977,143
20 Magnus Vesterhe... 22,969,272
21 Marcus Johansso... 22,556,320
22 Axel Jutterströ... 22,542,328
23 Thomas Ødegaard... 22,348,199
24 Vetle Thyli 22,272,323
25 Torgeir Sulen H... 22,173,420
26 Chris Andre Jes... 22,054,623
27 Anders Aukland 21,937,881
28 Joar Thele 21,847,272
29 Eddie Edström 21,670,703
30 Klas Nilsson 21,558,881
31 Amund Riege 21,545,798
32 Nils Dahlsten 21,414,282
33 Maxim Vylegzhan... 20,901,270
34 Jiří Pliska 20,563,643
35 Thomas Joly 20,193,563
36 Stanislav Řezáč... 20,142,276
37 Jan Šrail 20,051,940
38 Fabián Štoček... 19,848,958
39 Anikken Gjerde ... 19,803,134
40 Stian Berg 19,712,280
41 Viktor Mäenpää... 19,561,603
42 Patrick Fossum ... 19,511,803
43 Petter Soleng S... 19,490,944
44 Simen Engebrets... 19,178,110
45 Sofie Elebro 19,133,173
46 Mauro Brigadoi 19,098,834
47 Gabriel Höjlind... 18,761,496
48 Alexey Shemiaki... 18,653,161
49 Magni Smedås 18,520,527
50 Kati Roivas 18,388,412
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Sweden Changes Team Lineup for the World Cup Final in Falun

Covid-19 infections and illness force Sweden to change the team lineup for the World Cup final on home turf in Falun, which starts tomorrow. This is Sweden’s team.

Photo: Kalle Parkkinen / BILDBYRÅN

Emma Ribom of Sweden has tested positive for Covid-19 and will not be able to race the World Cup final on home turf in Falun this weekend.

Several of the Swedish racers who were named to the national team for the World Cup final in Falun have become sick. The result is a cascade of changes to the team lineup for the races on home turf this this weekend.

Emma Ribom won’t be racing the World Cup in Falun, as she is still testing positive for Covid-19. Moa Hansson will replace Ribom for the sprint on Friday, while Maja Dahlqvist takes Ribom’s spot in the 10km skate race on Saturday.  Emma Björklund steps into the national group in the sprint, and Elina Rönnlund in the skate race. 

Additionally, George Ersson, Johan Herbert and Jenny Solin have become sick. Gustaf Berglund will move up from the national group to the World Cup team to replace Ersson. Berglund will be replaced by Erik Silfver in the national group. Solin will be replaced by Evelina Settling, and Gustav Eriksson will replace Herbert.  

See the complete roster for all the events at the bottom of the story

As the hosts of the upcoming World Cup events this weekend, Sweden is allowed to field up to 12 racers men and 12 women in each event. 

The World Cup event in Falun on March 11 through 13 will be the last of the 2021-22 FIS Cross-Country World Cup season. The first day at the Falun World Cup features sprint races for both men and women, followed by 10km skate for women and 15km skate races on Saturday, and relays for both men and women on Sunday. 

2022 World Cup season cut short
Next week’s World Cup event in Falun will be the last of the 2022 season, as the FIS failed to find an alternate organizer for the World Cup final that was scheduled to take place in Tyumen, Russia, on March 18 to 20. 

FIS Cross-Country and various National Ski Federations have tried to find a possible replacement for the cancelled World Cup events in Tyumen, Russia, on March 18 to 20. 

The World Cup events in Tyumen were cancelled as a part of global sanctions placed on Russia and Belarus in response to the Russian invasion and the war in the Ukraine. 

This is Sweden’s team to the World Cup final in Falun
Women sprint

Johanna Hagström, Ulricehamns IF 
Maja Dahlqvist, Falun Borlänge SK
Jonna Sundling, Piteå elit SK 
Moa Hansson, Falun Borlänge SK 
Moa Lundgren, IFK Umeå
Frida Karlsson, Sollefteå Skidor IF

National group, women sprint 
Ebba Andersson, Piteå elit SK   
Ingrid Hallquist, Åsarna IK 
Moa Olsson, Falun Borlänge SK 
Evelina Settlin, Hudiksvalls IF
Louise Lindström, Falun Borlänge SK
Emma Björklund, IFK Mora SK

Men sprint 
Johan Häggström, Piteå elit SK 
Oskar Svensson, Falun Borlänge SK  
Anton Persson, Falun Borlänge SK
Calle Halfvarsson, Sågmyra SK
Gustav Eriksson, IFK Mora SK
Gustaf Berglund, IFK Mora SK

National group, men sprint 
Olle Jonsson, Trillevallens SK
Hugo Jacobsson, Falun Borlänge SK 
Truls Gisselman, Rehns BK 
Johan Ekberg, Nacka Värmdö SK
Emil Danielsson, Högbo GIF
Erik Silfver, IFK Umeå, 

Women distance
Moa Olsson, Falun Borlänge SK  
Jonna Sundling, Piteå elit SK 
Ebba Andersson, Piteå elit SK 
Maja Dahlqvist, Falun Borlänge SK
Frida Karlsson, Sollefteå Skidor IF
Charlotte Kalla, Piteå elit SK

National group, women distance 
Lisa Vinsa, Piteå elit SK
Johanna Hagström, Ulricehamns IF 
Louise Lindström, Falun Borlänge SK
Moa Lundgren, IFK Umeå
Lovisa Modig, Falun Borlänge SK 
Elina Rönnlund, IFK Umeå

Men distance 
Jens Burman, Åsarna IK 
William Poromaa, Åsarna IK  
Leo Johansson, Falun Borlänge SK 
Calle Halfvarsson, Sågmyra SK
Jonas Eriksson, IFK Mora SK
Johan Häggström, Piteå elit SK  

National group, men distance
Björn Sandström, Piteå elit SK 
Eric Rosjö, FK Mora SK
Marcus Ruus, Åsarna IK 
Oskar Svensson, Falun Borlänge SK 
Karl-Johan Westberg, Borås SK
Gustav Eriksson, IFK Mora SK

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