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1 Emil Persson 25,914,004
2 Emilie Fleten 25,906,053
3 Ida Dahl 25,349,402
4 Kasper Stadaas 25,223,899
5 Andreas Nygaard 24,934,569
6 Johan Hoel 24,707,367
7 Max Novak 24,166,685
8 Magni Smedås 24,096,434
9 Thomas Ødegaard... 23,852,025
10 Torleif Syrstad 23,844,654
11 Amund Riege 23,583,626
12 Axel Jutterströ... 23,542,041
13 Eirik Sverdrup ... 23,451,378
14 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,406,779
15 Herman Paus 23,398,617
16 Oskar Kardin 23,295,927
17 Morten Eide Ped... 23,285,882
18 Stian Hoelgaard 23,173,466
19 Alvar Myhlback 23,165,443
20 Petter Stakston 23,082,621
21 Magnus Vesterhe... 22,979,229
22 Karstein Johaug 22,772,809
23 Tord Asle Gjerd... 22,630,484
24 Johannes Eklöf 22,542,970
25 Thomas Bing 22,374,724
26 Astrid Øyre Sli... 22,119,196
27 Kati Roivas 21,625,092
28 Jeremy Royer 21,459,378
29 Einar Kalland-O... 21,381,668
30 Anikken Gjerde ... 21,371,471
31 Silje Øyre Slin... 21,131,436
32 Nils Dahlsten 21,036,730
33 Klas Nilsson 20,963,902
34 Alfred Buskqvis... 20,959,327
35 Eddie Edström 20,918,257
36 Thomas Joly 20,769,655
37 Torgeir Sulen H... 20,750,282
38 Karolina Hedens... 20,747,023
39 Jenny Larsson 20,746,503
40 Marcus Johansso... 20,519,477
41 Johan Tjelle 20,321,169
42 Patrick Fossum ... 20,194,014
43 Petter Northug 20,160,567
44 Fabián Štoček... 20,118,753
45 Ole Jørgen Bruv... 20,102,163
46 Joar Thele 20,023,863
47 Juuso Mäkelä 19,956,551
48 Sofie Elebro 19,681,634
49 Jan Šrail 19,577,269
50 Fredrik Helgest... 19,176,422
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French National Team breaks tradition, skips Blink Festival

For the first time in years, the French national cross-country team has decided to forego their participation in the annual Blink Festival held in Norway in August.

Photo: Manzoni/NordicFocus

Lucas Chanavat (FRA) during Blink Festival 2022.

The decision marks a significant departure from their customary involvement in the international competition. Both the men’s and women’s French National Teams have confirmed their absence from the highly anticipated sporting event scheduled to take place in Lysebotn and Sandnes from August 2 to 5, 2023.

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The latest report by NordicMag sheds light on the French National Team’s different approach for the upcoming season. They have prioritized an alternative program rather than including the Blink Festival in their plans. However, it should be noted that individual athletes retain the freedom to participate in the festival independently.

For many elite skiers, the Blink Festival holds immense significance as it presents the first opportunity to compete against their peers since the conclusion of the World Cup finals in March.

With a strategic shift in focus, the French national cross-country team has set its sights on Toppidrettsveka (Top Sports Week) in Aure and Trøndelag, Norway, scheduled from August 16 to 19. Notably, the competitions held in Granåsen will be contested on the tracks set to be used for the 2025 World Championships. 

Additionally, the team plans to participate in the Trollhättan Action Week in Sweden, which includes Alliansloppet, from August 25 to 27.

While the absence of the French National Team at the Blink Festival may be surprising, their strategic decision reflects a calculated approach in aligning their training and competition schedule with their long-term objectives. As they focus on alternative events that offer valuable opportunities to hone their skills and prepare for future challenges, the cross-country skiing community eagerly awaits their performance at Toppidrettsveka and Trollhättan Action Week.

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Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildbyrån
Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildbyrån

herese Johaug won today’s 30km race at the Norwegian Championships part 2 - illustration photo

Dominant win for Johaug at the Norwegian Championships

Therese Johaug secured first place in the 30km individual start race in freestyle technique at the Norwegian cross-country skiing Championships part 2, in her first race at the elite level after retirement. Results from the 30km race.

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