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1 Emil Persson 26,192,911
2 Astrid Øyre Sli... 25,577,121
3 Andreas Nygaard 25,506,972
4 Emilie Fleten 25,469,885
5 Kasper Stadaas 25,463,330
6 Ida Dahl 25,349,402
7 Johan Hoel 24,512,479
8 Max Novak 24,172,925
9 Thomas Ødegaard... 23,852,025
10 Axel Jutterströ... 23,729,274
11 Oskar Kardin 23,652,156
12 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,643,066
13 Herman Paus 23,615,220
14 Amund Riege 23,591,393
15 Tord Asle Gjerd... 23,381,925
16 Karstein Johaug 23,355,336
17 Morten Eide Ped... 23,346,171
18 Torleif Syrstad 23,300,415
19 Johannes Eklöf 23,196,747
20 Magnus Vesterhe... 23,104,879
21 Stian Hoelgaard 23,035,068
22 Alvar Myhlback 23,024,761
23 Magni Smedås 22,934,217
24 Petter Stakston 22,821,210
25 Thomas Bing 22,745,859
26 Eirik Sverdrup ... 22,666,755
27 Torgeir Sulen H... 21,565,266
28 Thomas Joly 21,532,107
29 Jeremy Royer 21,459,378
30 Klas Nilsson 21,444,095
31 Anikken Gjerde ... 21,371,471
32 Einar Kalland-O... 21,356,595
33 Eddie Edström 21,244,371
34 Alfred Buskqvis... 21,119,267
35 Nils Dahlsten 21,036,730
36 Kati Roivas 21,035,874
37 Silje Øyre Slin... 21,008,445
38 Joar Thele 20,800,835
39 Jenny Larsson 20,746,503
40 Marcus Johansso... 20,552,417
41 Karolina Hedens... 20,551,427
42 Patrick Fossum ... 20,428,261
43 Fabián Štoček... 20,317,298
44 Chris Andre Jes... 19,966,935
45 Juuso Mäkelä 19,956,551
46 Jan Šrail 19,747,076
47 Petter Northug 19,668,773
48 Sofie Elebro 19,615,781
49 Anders Aukland 19,160,694
50 Stian Berg 18,929,650
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Ski Classics Ski or Die: “We have a common view on how we should train”

The third and final episode of Ski Classics Ski or Die will be released on Friday. The focus will be on the Lager 157 Ski Team: “One of our success factors as a team is that at training camps, we always train together with women and men,” says Karolina Hedenström, reigning Ski Classics Pink Youth bib champion.

Photo: Reichert/NordicFocus

Karolina Hedenström, Lager 157 Ski Team

Ski Classics Ski or Die is a unique documentary showing three Ski Classics Pro Teams as they prepare for the season.

The premiere episode featuring Norway’s Team Ragde Charge was released two weeks ago. The second episode starred the Czech Vltava Fund Ski Team. On Friday, December 1, the third and final episode will feature the Swedish Pro Team, Lager 157 Ski Team.

One of the Pro Team athletes who has been followed during the training camps in Båstad and Edsåsdalen, both in Sweden, is Karolina Hedenström, who won the Ski Classics Youth competition last winter and after a season where she finished second at Jizerská50:

“It is clear that I go into the coming season with a different self-confidence than a year ago, but also higher expectations of myself. And right now, as we are about to step into the racing season, the feeling is really that what happened last season is history. This period before you get any competitive answers is tough; there’s a lot of doubt about whether I’ve done the right things along the way. But that’s also the beauty of what we do,” says Hedenström to

Karolina Hedenström, Lager 157 Ski Team, during the Orsa Grönklitt Criterium Season XIV. Photo: Thibaut/NordicFocus.

What is your goal for the coming Ski Classics Season XV?

“My goal is to finish all races. In simple words, to stay healthy for a whole season. Then I want to keep a more consistent form than last year, but I’m still fairly new to this, so I know that there will be some fluctuations in my performance.”

How do you view that you as a team have been followed in the Ski Classics Ski or Die documentary?

“I only see that as positive. Anything that can contribute to bringing long-distance races even further into the public eye is very valuable, and you can see how positively the Best of the Best and the Tour de France documentaries have been received. Also, the team has a very open dialog with those who follow us via the podcast and YouTube, so there hasn’t been much difference.”

What would you say are your success factors?

“I think it’s partly because we don’t make it so complicated. But another part is that at camps we always train together men and women, so I think that’s part of it. Plus, we have a common view on how we should train,” says Hedenström.

The third and final episode will be released on Friday at 12:00 CET, and you can watch it on SC Play. Ski Classics Ski or Die is exclusive to you as a member of, part of SC – The Ski Community. 

The membership gives you access to the streaming service SC Play, where, in addition to the new documentary, you can also watch live-streamed events, such as the entire season of Ski Classics and other long-distance races.

Ski Classics Ski or Die release dates

  • November 17, 12:00 CET – Episode 1: Team Ragde Charge (WATCH HERE)
  • November 24, 12:00 CET – Episode 2: Vltava Fund Ski Team (WATCH HERE)
  • December 1, 12:00 CET – Episode 3: Lager 157 Ski Team

You can watch Ski Classics Ski or Die exclusively as a member of the SC – The Ski Community. A membership gives access to the streaming service SC Play, where you can watch the new documentaries and live-streamed events.

If you are an active skier, you can, as a member, also generate your global Ski Classics ranking, see your historical race results, and sign up for new events. Get the latest news in the ski world and full access to all content on and its sister sites (,, – such as member articles, equipment tests, and training videos. 

The SC Play app is available to download for iOS, Android, and Apple TV. SC Play is a part of SC The Ski Community and accessible for all members on news sites,,, and Your subscription to SC Play will always give you access to all the free and paid features of SC The Ski Community.

More information about the Ski Classics Pro Tour can be found at

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