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1 Emil Persson 26,400,000
2 Astrid Øyre Sli... 26,074,640
3 Ida Dahl 25,962,653
4 Andreas Nygaard 25,204,937
5 Kasper Stadaas 24,731,571
6 Max Novak 24,408,540
7 Johan Hoel 24,239,242
8 Tord Asle Gjerd... 24,225,126
9 Johannes Eklöf 23,955,612
10 Emilie Fleten 23,861,586
11 Stian Hoelgaard 23,820,021
12 Oskar Kardin 23,698,180
13 Britta Johansso... 23,577,507
14 Herman Paus 23,515,423
15 Karstein Johaug 23,444,611
16 Magnus Vesterhe... 23,224,579
17 Morten Eide Ped... 23,141,153
18 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,109,109
19 Amund Riege 23,044,039
20 Thomas Ødegaard... 22,858,194
21 Torleif Syrstad 22,823,158
22 Axel Jutterströ... 22,774,131
23 Marcus Johansso... 22,386,541
24 Magni Smedås 22,272,121
25 Petter Stakston 22,264,110
26 Eddie Edström 22,191,731
27 Chris Andre Jes... 22,150,822
28 Torgeir Sulen H... 21,672,716
29 Thomas Joly 21,571,165
30 Nils Dahlsten 21,377,545
31 Klas Nilsson 21,163,179
32 Joar Thele 20,952,782
33 Anders Aukland 20,900,567
34 Patrick Fossum ... 20,725,034
35 Vetle Thyli 20,533,206
36 Jan Šrail 20,312,327
37 Alvar Myhlback 20,273,712
38 Fabián Štoček... 20,037,927
39 Anikken Gjerde ... 19,974,875
40 Jeremy Royer 19,887,147
41 Stian Berg 19,871,502
42 Karolina Hedens... 19,660,713
43 Alfred Buskqvis... 19,528,517
44 Einar Kalland-O... 19,510,307
45 Kati Roivas 19,340,721
46 Lina Korsgren 19,332,942
47 Silje Øyre Slin... 19,228,754
48 Stanislav Řezáč... 19,025,752
49 Juuso Mäkelä 18,981,645
50 Jenny Larsson 18,963,798
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Team Ramudden’s road to Vasaloppet will be a documentary

The successful Swedish Pro Team, Team Ramudden, will be followed during the coming six months for an upcoming documentary.

Photo: Manzoni/NordicFocus

Team Ramudden will be followed as part of a documentary in the coming months.

“The documentary will be about the road up to and through Vasaloppet and will show the journey. Cool to finally present this fascinating project,” says Team Ramudden’s Gustaf Korsgren.

Team Ramudden has been successful in long-distance skiing since its inception and has had great success at Vasaloppet

Lina Korsgren won Vasaloppet three times. Just over a year ago, she retired from the professional rankings to become Pro Team Director, and already during the first year in that role, she got to see Emilie Fleten crossing the Vasaloppet finish portal in the first place. 

That result means four Vasaloppet wins in five years. 

For the next six months, the Pro Team will be followed during the preparations and through Vasaloppet for an upcoming documentary project:

“We have been planning this for a year, but the skiers have only found out about the plan. The idea is that we have a documentary in two parts. We will follow the road up to Vasaloppet and then Vasaloppet itself. It will be about elevating the skiers, portray goals, visions, and the dreams that everyone has and then also the meaning of what a victory in Vasaloppet means,” says Gustaf Korsgren and adds: 

“Winning Vasaloppet is the biggest thing you can achieve in our skiing world. A win there changes your life. Your name is carved into a stone; so, once Vasaloppet winner, always Vasaloppet winner. And this coming winter’s edition will be the hundredth edition, which makes this project feel even more exciting.”

The editor for the project is Stephan Wilson (with a background at SVT, where, among other things, he portrayed his path to Vasaloppet in the role of a skiing beginner under the name “Stephan på glid”).

How far has it been filmed?

“We have been making video diaries since last winter, but we will start with external videographers when we do tests at the Winter Sports Center in September. Then they will be at our camps in Tenerife and Livigno and probably also some races before we arrive at Vasaloppet,” says Korsgren.

When will the documentary be released?

“The plan is that there will be two episodes of 40-60 minutes each, and they will be sold to a TV company, but the estimation is that this could be ready to be broadcast next fall,” concludes Korsgren.

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