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SC Ranking
1 Emil Persson 25,914,004
2 Emilie Fleten 25,906,053
3 Ida Dahl 25,349,402
4 Kasper Stadaas 25,223,899
5 Andreas Nygaard 24,934,569
6 Johan Hoel 24,707,367
7 Max Novak 24,166,685
8 Magni Smedås 24,096,434
9 Thomas Ødegaard... 23,852,025
10 Torleif Syrstad 23,844,654
11 Amund Riege 23,583,626
12 Axel Jutterströ... 23,542,041
13 Eirik Sverdrup ... 23,451,378
14 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,406,779
15 Herman Paus 23,398,617
16 Oskar Kardin 23,295,927
17 Morten Eide Ped... 23,285,882
18 Stian Hoelgaard 23,173,466
19 Alvar Myhlback 23,165,443
20 Petter Stakston 23,082,621
21 Magnus Vesterhe... 22,979,229
22 Karstein Johaug 22,772,809
23 Tord Asle Gjerd... 22,630,484
24 Johannes Eklöf 22,542,970
25 Thomas Bing 22,374,724
26 Astrid Øyre Sli... 22,119,196
27 Kati Roivas 21,625,092
28 Jeremy Royer 21,459,378
29 Einar Kalland-O... 21,381,668
30 Anikken Gjerde ... 21,371,471
31 Silje Øyre Slin... 21,131,436
32 Nils Dahlsten 21,036,730
33 Klas Nilsson 20,963,902
34 Alfred Buskqvis... 20,959,327
35 Eddie Edström 20,918,257
36 Thomas Joly 20,769,655
37 Torgeir Sulen H... 20,750,282
38 Karolina Hedens... 20,747,023
39 Jenny Larsson 20,746,503
40 Marcus Johansso... 20,519,477
41 Johan Tjelle 20,321,169
42 Patrick Fossum ... 20,194,014
43 Petter Northug 20,160,567
44 Fabián Štoček... 20,118,753
45 Ole Jørgen Bruv... 20,102,163
46 Joar Thele 20,023,863
47 Juuso Mäkelä 19,956,551
48 Sofie Elebro 19,681,634
49 Jan Šrail 19,577,269
50 Fredrik Helgest... 19,176,422
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Program for Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024

Vasaloppet is a big goal for many skiers during the season. Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024 starts on February 23 and culminates on March 3 with the 100th edition of Vasaloppet. Here you can find the complete program.

Photo: Daniel Eriksson/Bildbyrån

Skiers at the start of Vasaloppet 2023.

The annual Vasaloppet Winter Week consists of several cross-country ski events, concluding with the classic Vasaloppet on the first Sunday of March. In a press release, Vasaloppet revealed the entire winter week’s program.

Program for Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024

Friday, February 23: Vasaloppet 30, 30 km, start Oxberg
First out in the Winter Week is a recreational race for the whole family. The race used to be called Kortvasan, but the more universal name Vasaloppet 30 has been applied since 2020. The ski style is classic, and everyone from the age of 11 is welcome to participate. It is not unusual to see three generations skiing the race together. Bring your grandma, brother, mother, or grandpa. The start in Oxberg is followed by 30 kilometers of wonderful skiing toward Mora. Fortify yourself with blueberry soup at the Vasaloppet checkpoints in Hökberg and Eldris before you reach the finish line portal and receive your well-deserved medals because everyone who completes a race during the Winter Week gets a medal!

Saturday, February 24: Tjejvasan, 30 km, start Oxberg
Tjejvasan is a true classic. The world’s largest ski race exclusively for women started in 1988, and almost 200.000 have crossed the finish line in Mora over the years. Elite and recreational athletes ski together in the same race. There are competition classes (senior and junior) and recreational classes. Tjejvasan is a Ski Classics Challengers event, giving the race even higher status. Ida Dahl won Tjejvasan 2023 after a photo finish. SVT will broadcast Tjejvasan live in 2024, capturing the great atmosphere along the track, lined with live music and fun activities.

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Sunday, February 25: Öppet Spår Sunday, 90 km, start Sälen
An Öppet Spår day is the choice for those who want to ski the world’s biggest cross-country ski race, going from Sälen to Mora, while only competing against themselves. The race follows the same course and passes the same checkpoints as Vasaloppet. The challenge is the same, as is the nature experience. Only classic ski style is allowed in Öppet Spår Sunday. The race counts as a seeding race for Vasaloppet. Försvarsmaktsvasan also runs on this day, a race where Swedish defense forces run their own Vasaloppet from Sälen to Mora. Their start time is ten minutes before the first start group in Öppet Spår Sunday.

Sunday, February 25: Ungdomsvasan, 9 km start Eldris, 19 km start Hökberg
This is the race that puts the skiers of the future in their forefathers’ tracks. What do today’s young national team skiers Johanna Hagström, Emma Ribom, and Edvin Anger all have in common? They all started their skiing careers in Ungdomsvasan, a race that manifests the breadth of Swedish skiing in the same way as Vasaloppet. Whether they compete for a ski club or not, all young people are welcome to participate. The race has three age classes for boys and girls, respectively. The 11–12 and 13–14-year-olds start in Eldris and ski 9 km, while 15–16-year-olds start in Hökberg and ski 19 km.

Monday, February 26: Öppet Spår Monday 90, 90 km, start Sälen
Since 2022 Öppet Spår Monday is freestyle, which means that both skate and classic styles are allowed, unlike Öppet Spår Sunday, which only allows classic style. The Vasaloppet Arena is prepared with both a skate and a ski track. Öppet Spår Monday 90 counts as a seeding race for Vasaloppet’s start groups 2–10.

NEW! Monday, February 26: Öppet Spår Monday 45, 43 km, start Evertsberg checkpoint
Öppet Spår Monday gets two new distances in 2024! This means the Winter Week has two new races where you can use skate style during the day! The start for Öppet Spår Monday 45 takes place at the Evertsberg checkpoint, and the 43 km race passes the three checkpoints of Oxberg, Hökberg, and Eldris. The race is freestyle, meaning that both skate and classic ski styles are allowed. The Vasaloppet Arena is prepared with both skate and classic ski tracks.

NEW! Monday, February 26: Öppet Spår Monday 30, 28 km, start Oxberg checkpoint
Another new addition. Öppet Spår Monday 30 does not start at the regular start place used by other 30-kilometer races, but rather at the Oxberg checkpoint, located 28 km from the finish. The race is freestyle, meaning that both skate and classic ski styles are allowed. The Vasaloppet Arena is prepared with both skate and classic ski tracks.

Tuesday, February 27: Vasaloppet 45, 45 km, start Oxberg
Vasaloppet 45 was previously called Halvvasan and, as both names imply, it’s half the length of Vasaloppet. Despite that, the start place is in Oxberg. The track starts with a loop around the beautiful Oxberg Lake before rejoining the Vasaloppet Arena. Enjoy the Vasaloppet atmosphere as you pass Oxberg, Hökberg, and Eldris checkpoints on your way to Mora. Vasaloppet 45 counts as a seeding race for Vasaloppet, and those also registered to ski Vasaloppet on Sunday start in the first group.

Friday, March 1: Stafettvasan, 90 km, start Sälen
The world’s largest ski relay – with teams from clubs, companies, families, and friends sharing the classic route from Sälen to Mora. The sections for the five team members are 24 km, 24 km, 14 km, 9 km, and 19 km. Exchanges take place in Mångsbodarna, Evertsberg, Oxberg, and Hökberg. Team members are permitted to take on more than one section per person. Meet your teammates at the finish line and celebrate together when you receive your well-deserved medals. Expect a party atmosphere!

Friday, March 1: Nattvasan 30, 30 km, start Oxberg
Just like in Vasaloppet 30, you can ski Nattvasan as early as the year you turn 11. The route is also the same, with one big difference: When the race starts in Oxberg at 19:00, it’s dark outside, and all participants have headlamps. An adventure awaits here, a journey lined with torches and fires that lead you to Mora. You can participate individually or in teams of two – or even more people – and skate and classic ski styles are both allowed.

Friday, March 1: Nattvasan 45, 45 km, start Oxberg
Nattvasan 45 could be called the night version of Vasaloppet 45. Nattvasan 45 starts at 20:00 in Oxberg; stars and headlamps illuminate the track that goes around the beautiful Oxberg Lake before rejoining the Vasaloppet Arena. It will be an adventure, a journey lined with torches and fires leading to the finish. You can participate individually or in teams of two – or even more people – and skate and classic ski styles are both allowed.

Friday, March 1: Nattvasan 90, 90 km, start Sälen
During the day, 90 kilometers is a challenge. At night it becomes an adventure. The moment you leave the start in Berga by at 20:00, darkness and silence descend around you. Stars and headlamps light the way to the finish line in Mora, which is open until 08:00 the next morning. Nattvasan has been described as a magical race, a 90-kilometer nocturnal journey lined with torches and fires. Participate as an individual or in teams of two; skate and classic ski styles are both allowed.

Saturday, March 2: Vasaloppet 10, 9 km, start Eldris
Vasaloppet 10 is a race that’s more about trying out skiing than about competing. It gives you the chance to ski in the Vasaloppet track and finish under Vasaloppet’s classic finish line portal. Who doesn’t want to try that? The start is in Eldris, 9 km from the finish in Mora. It’s an easy route, and the race was formerly called Blåbärsloppet (“the Blueberry Race”). At Vasaloppet’s 100th anniversary in 2022, the race was given the subtitle “On skis through the ages,” and many participants dressed up in vintage clothes and skied using old equipment as a tribute to Vasaloppet’s 100-year history. Vasaloppet hoped that participants would continue to do so, and it’s already become a fun tradition for many. Both skate and classic styles are allowed in the race, and dressing up is, of course, optional.

Sunday, March 3: Vasaloppet, 90 km, start Sälen
Vasaloppet is the world’s biggest cross-country ski race. This year marks the 100th Vasaloppet. Elite and recreational athletes ski together, and the journey takes the 15,800 participants from the start in Berga by in Sälen at 08:00, through the seven classic Vasaloppet checkpoints Smågan, Mångsbodarna, Risberg, Evertsberg, Oxberg, Hökberg, and Eldris before the race is decided, often on the final stretch in Mora. A fantastic sporting tradition, a ski festival, a test of strength. More than 600.000 skiers have made their way through Vasaloppet since its inception in 1922. And as it says on the skiers’ diplomas: “Every finish is a victory.” Millions of TV viewers in several countries watch the race. The reigning champions are Emil Persson from Sweden and Emilie Fleten from Norway.

Barnens Vasalopp on skis 2024
The children’s race Barnens Vasalopp is organized in Sälen and Mora during Vasaloppet’s Winter Week. The recommended age is 3–10 years. It is free to participate in the race, and all children receive a medal after finishing. Register on location in Sälen or Mora.
Saturday, February 24: Sälen, the Vasaloppet start – 90, 300, or 900 meters.
Saturday, March 2: Mora, starting at the Mora Park campsite. Finish at the Vasaloppet finish – 900 meters.

Hemmavasan skis 2024
The Home Edition of Vasaloppet, Hemmavasan skidor (Hemmavasan on skis), complements Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2024. While the regular races are held on location in Sälen and Mora from Friday, February 23 to Sunday, March 3, participants can ski a race in any location around Sweden – or the world. You ski in your local ski track and in the digital Vasaloppet Arena at the same time! Register and use the Vasaloppet app to log your time during the race, and afterward, you can see your results at vasaloppet.se. Registration for Hemmavasan skidor 2024 opens this autumn.

Vasaloppstrippeln 2024
To complete Vasaloppstrippeln, the Vasaloppet trifecta, you must, during one and the same calendar year, ski in Vasaloppet’s Winter Week and then cycle and run in Vasaloppet’s Summer Week. You can choose between 30, 45, or 90 kilometers:

  • Vasaloppstrippeln 30 means skiing Vasaloppet 30, Tjejvasan, Öppet Spår Monday 30 or Nattvasan 30, cycling in Cykelvasan 30, and walking, jogging, or running in Trailvasan 30.
  • Vasaloppstrippeln 45 means skiing in Vasaloppet 45, Öppet Spår Monday 45, or Nattvasan 45, cycling in Cykelvasan 45, and walking, jogging, or running in Ultravasan 45.
  • Vasaloppstrippeln 90 means skiing in Vasaloppet, Öppet Spår Sunday, Öppet Spår Monday 90 or Nattvasan 90, cycling in Cykelvasan 90 or Cykelvasan Öppet Spår, and walking, jogging or running in Ultravasan 90.

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