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SC Ranking
1 Emil Persson 26,400,000
2 Ida Dahl 25,906,176
3 Astrid Øyre Sli... 25,768,596
4 Andreas Nygaard 25,418,129
5 Kasper Stadaas 24,731,571
6 Max Novak 24,408,540
7 Tord Asle Gjerd... 24,248,079
8 Johan Hoel 24,117,279
9 Stian Hoelgaard 24,037,047
10 Johannes Eklöf 24,019,556
11 Emilie Fleten 23,949,765
12 Britta Johansso... 23,924,237
13 Oskar Kardin 23,820,113
14 Karstein Johaug 23,519,136
15 Herman Paus 23,431,681
16 Morten Eide Ped... 23,346,829
17 Magnus Vesterhe... 23,275,683
18 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,109,109
19 Torleif Syrstad 23,032,412
20 Amund Riege 22,946,604
21 Axel Jutterströ... 22,774,131
22 Thomas Ødegaard... 22,616,802
23 Marcus Johansso... 22,412,961
24 Chris Andre Jes... 22,054,623
25 Eddie Edström 22,041,570
26 Magni Smedås 22,009,728
27 Petter Stakston 21,918,627
28 Torgeir Sulen H... 21,672,716
29 Anders Aukland 21,419,670
30 Nils Dahlsten 21,377,545
31 Joar Thele 21,322,744
32 Klas Nilsson 21,163,179
33 Thomas Joly 21,150,235
34 Patrick Fossum ... 20,725,034
35 Vetle Thyli 20,647,963
36 Lina Korsgren 20,364,067
37 Jan Šrail 20,312,327
38 Alvar Myhlback 20,273,712
39 Fabián Štoček... 20,037,927
40 Anikken Gjerde ... 19,954,648
41 Stian Berg 19,871,502
42 Alfred Buskqvis... 19,528,517
43 Einar Kalland-O... 19,510,307
44 Stanislav Řezáč... 19,376,666
45 Kati Roivas 19,115,332
46 Karolina Hedens... 18,998,733
47 Juuso Mäkelä 18,981,645
48 Viktor Mäenpää... 18,741,745
49 Petter Soleng S... 18,723,115
50 Jiří Pliska 18,645,529
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Many Changes In The SC Ranking After Marcialonga

The Ski Classics Ranking saw many changes after Marcialonga. Emil Persson, Lager 157 Ski Team, kept maximum points after winning his sixth event Season XIV and leads the SC Ranking, the global ranking system for long-distance skiers.

Photo: Magnus Östh/Ski Classics

After an intense race, Emil Persson, Lager 157 Ski Team, still has 26,400,000 points after winning Marcialonga, the seventh Pro Tour event of Ski Classics Season XIV. 

With the win, Persson keeps the maximum points in the SC Ranking – 26,400,000 points. Get to know how the ranking points system works:

In a Pro Tour event, the winning man and woman receive 2.000.000 points; in a Challengers event, the winners collect 500.000 points. The best 12 event points last 24 months are counted in the total points. The man or woman with the most total points will have the #1 rank. 

Podium bonuses are awarded to the top 3 athletes of each gender. A Pro Tour event winner receives 200.000 points, 2nd place 100.000 points, and 3rd place 40.000 points. 

In the SC Ranking, Emil Persson leads the ranking with 26,400,000 points, followed now by Astrid Øyre Slind, Team Aker Dæhlie, with 25,587,856 points.

Emil Persson (Yellow bib), Lager 157 Ski Team, leads the SC Ranking with maximum points. Photo: Magnus Östh/Ski Classics.

Ida Dahl, Team Engcon, dropped one position to third place with 25,490,319 points. Andreas Nygaard, Team Ragde Charge, is in fourth place with 25,090,602 points. And closing the top 5 is Tord Asle Gjerdalen, Team XPND Fuel, with 24,584,931 points.   

Moving up among the top 10 athletes is Max Novak, Team Aker Dæhlie, from 9th to 7th place, with 24,254,434 points. Johannes Eklöf, Team Ramudden, is stepping up from 11th to 9th place after Marcialonga, with 24,074,060 points.

Another athlete entering the top 10 is Britta Johansson Norgren. Even though she is retired now, she moved up from 12th to 9th place in the SC Ranking with 24,058,203 points.

Among the Top 10, six Pro Tour skiers are from Sweden, and four are from Norway. 

TOP 10 

AthleteNationalityPro TeamSC RankingPoints
Emil PerssonSwedenLager 157 Ski Team#126,400,000
Astrid Øyre SlindNorwayTeam Aker Dæhlie#225,587,856
Ida DahlSwedenTeam Engcon#325,490,319
Andreas NygaardNorwayTeam Ragde Charge#425,090,602
Tord Asle GjerdalenNorwayTeam XPND Fuel#524,584,931
Kasper StadaasNorwayTeam Ragde Charge#624,454,035
Max NovakSwedenTeam Aker Dæhlie#724,254,434
Johannes EklöfSwedenTeam Ramudden#824,074,060
Britta Johansson NorgrenSweden#924,058,203
Oskar KardinSwedenTeam Ragde Charge#1023,980,610

TOP 20 

Notable in the top 20 is that Stian Hoelgaard, Team Aker Dæhlie, continues to climb. The Norwegian Pro Tour athlete goes from 13th to 12th place. Johan Hoel, Team Ragde Charge, rises from 15th to 13th place. Herman Paus, Team Ramudden, goes from 16th to 15th place.

Also in the top 20 is Karstein Johaug, Team Ragde Charge, going from 17th to 16th position, and Runar Skaug Mathisen, Lager 157 Ski Team, from 20th to 18th place. 

TOP 50

Athletes stepping up inside the top 50: Marcus Johansson, Lager 157 Ski Team (from 22nd to 21st); Axel Jutterström, Team Eksjöhus (from 26th to 22nd); Thomas Ødegaarden, Team XPND Fuel (from 24th to 23rd); Torgeir Sulen Hovland, Team Engcon (from 28th to 25th); Chris Andre Jespersen, Team Aker Dæhlie (from 31st to 26th); Amund Riege, Team Ramudden (from 35th to 31st); and Nils Dahlsten, Lager 157 Ski Team (from 33rd to 32nd).

Also moving up inside the top 50: Thomas Joly, Team Nordic Expérience (from 42nd to 35th); Jan Šrail, Vltava Fund Ski Team (from 38th to 37th); Fabián Štoček, Vltava Fund Ski Team (from 40th to 38th); Anikken Gjerde Alnæs, Team Ragde Charge (from 46th to 39th); Viktor Mäenpää, Team Mäenpää (from 44th to 41st); Patrick Fossum Kristoffersen, Team Robinson Trentino (from 49th to 42nd); Simen Engebretsen Nordli (from 47th to 44th); Alexey Shemiakin (from 50th to 49th); Magni Smedås, Team Eksjöhus (from 67th to 49th); and Kati Roivas, Team Næringsbanken Stora Enso (from 56th to 50th).

TOP 100

Some athletes moved up five positions or more if we look at the 50-100 ranking list: Linn Sömskar, Team Engcon (from 58th to 52nd); Hans Petter Rolke, Team Front Rustad IL (from 70th to 58th); Karolina Hedenström, Lager 157 Ski Team (from 73rd to 65th); Haakon Holden, Team Næringsbanken Stora Enso (from 80th to 66th); Petter Stakston, Team Aker Dæhlie (from 82nd to 66th); Gabriel Strid, Exsitec Team (from 76th to 70th); and Juuso Mäkelä, Team Kaskipuu (from 90th to 76th).

Moving up also Sandra Schützová, Vltava Fund Ski Team (from 86th to 80th); Anna Jönsson Haag, Team Kaffebryggeriet (from 87th to 81st); Alfred Buskqvist, Team Ramudden (from 89th to 82nd); Filip Rosjö, Ski Team Göhlins (98th to 88th); Henri Roos, Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide (from 104th to 90th); Sofia Lindberg, Team Edux (from 96th to 91st ); Thomas Bing, xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team (111th to 94th); Jeremy Royer, Team Nordic Expérience (113th to 96th); and Petter Northug, Team Northug Crucible (110th to 99th).

TOP 200

From the top 100 to the top 200, taking ten steps up or more, we can see Henrik Arntzen Joks, Team Næringsbanken Stora Enso (116th to 104th); Mikael Gunnulfsen, Team Aker Dæhlie (127th to 106th); Henning Lie, Team Synnfjell (119th to 109th); Frida Hallquist, Team Engcon (124th to 111th); Dietmar Nöckler, Team Robinson Trentino (137th to  112th); and Olli Tyrväinen, Team Edux (130th to 113th).

Alvar Myhlback, Lager 157 Ski Team, moves from 138th to 114th; Einar Kalland-Olsen, Exsitec Team (144th to 117th); Gustav Heldal (134th to 121st); Jakob Karlsson, Exsitec Team (136th 123rd); Malin Börjesjö, Team Internorm Alpenplus Trentino (147th to 128th); Lars Sørensen, Team Front Rustad IL (164th to 133rd); Gian Flurin Pfaeffli, Team BSV Ibex (161st to 134th); Rickard Ericsson, Team Futura Trentino Dolomiten Trauma Clinic (153rd to 135th); Vebjørn Moen, Team Aker Dæhlie (178th to 143rd); and Tyler Kornfield, Team Robinson Trentino (176th to 144th).

Significant steps up also for Hanna Lodin, Ski Team Göhlins (183rd to 155th); Michal Vank, Slavia Pojišťovna Sport Team (172nd to 159th); Oona Kettunen, Team Kaskipuu (185th to 165th); Christoffer Lindvall, Team Mäenpää (187th to 167th); Lauro Brändli, Team BSV Ibex (180th to 170th); Ole Sollien Hulbak (193rd to 172nd); Fredrik Helgestad, Team Kaffebryggeriet (200th to 175th); Ingvild Bratlie, Team Front Rustad IL (196th to 177th); Adam Gillman, Exsitec Team (204th to 179th); Niina Virtanen, Team Edux (201st to 180th); Henrik Haugland Syverinsen (230th to 181st); Stefano Dal Magro, Team Robinson Trentino (214th to 187th); Ingrid Hannestad, Team Straye Flammekaster (208th to 188th); Henrik Webjørnsen, Team Front Rustad IL (218th to 189th); Simon Jonsson, Ski Team Göhlins (220th to 190th); Joachim Ronneback (222nd to 191st); Benjamin Selter, Bruse Sauerland Ski Team (213th to 195th); Heikki Korpela, Slavia Pojišťovna Sport Team (246th to 199th); and Magnus Waaler, Team Front Rustad IL (240th to 200th).


Many steps up also for Rebecca Bergagnin, Team Robinson Trentino (237th to 204th); Thomas Edvard Just, Team Straye Flammekaster (242nd to 208th); Eivind Vold, Team Straye Flammekaster (249th to 210th); Jonas Bergli, Team Synnfjell (241st to 213th); Joachim Thrane, Danish Skimarathon Team (227th to 216th); Franziska Müller, xc-ski.de A|N Skimarathon Team (245th to 219th); Mattis Stenshagen, Team Aker Dæhlie (316th to 220th); Kristoffer By Vollset, Team NTNUI Sweco (286th to 229th); and Johannes Kuchl, Vltava Fund Ski Team (270th to 234th);

Significant SC Ranking improvements also for Jussi Häkkinen, Team Electrofit (255th to 236th); Anna Schmidhofer, Ski-Willy Marathon Team Austria (266th to 237th); Johannes Jillerö (275th to 238th); Anja Stolpe, Lager 157 Ski Team (291st to 239th); Jakob Walther, Slavia Pojišťovna Sport Team (284th to 240th); Anders Böhlmark (276th to 244th); Jørgen Christoffer Myking, Team Straye Flammekaster (289th to 247th); Åsa Bäck (9011th to 248th); Jim Lundmark (305th to 249th); Emanuel Elmersson, Ski Team Göhlins (304th to 256th); Eirik Sverdrup Augdal, Team Eksjöhus (390th to 257th); Kari Varis, Team Kaskipuu (336th to 266th); Mikael Lahteenmaki, Team Electrofit (308th to 269th); Milan Kohout (326th to 272nd); Fanny Endresen, Team Straye Flammekaster (381st to 277th); Matti Kaski, Team Kaskipuu (329th to 286th); Katie Feldman, Team BSV Ibex (349th to 288th); Markku Kouva, Team Edux (353rd to 292nd); Santeri Ryhänen, Team Electrofit (350th to 293rd); Lukáš Papula (346th to 296th); Dorthe Seierstad, Team Kaffebryggeriet (395th to 298th); and Peeter Poopuu (358th to 300th).

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