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1 Emil Persson 25,562,006
2 Ida Dahl 24,839,273
3 Andreas Nygaard 24,633,945
4 Tord Asle Gjerd... 24,584,380
5 Lina Korsgren 24,484,047
6 Oskar Kardin 24,312,698
7 Britta Johansso... 24,058,203
8 Johannes Eklöf 24,013,294
9 Max Novak 23,921,189
10 Astrid Øyre Sli... 23,754,472
11 Emilie Fleten 23,416,363
12 Morten Eide Ped... 23,402,906
13 Kasper Stadaas 23,372,337
14 Ermil Vokuev 23,155,152
15 Stian Hoelgaard 23,119,309
16 Johan Hoel 23,094,196
17 Runar Skaug Mat... 22,726,499
18 Maxim Vylegzhan... 22,671,721
19 Vetle Thyli 22,530,051
20 Herman Paus 22,492,362
21 Magnus Vesterhe... 22,299,171
22 Marcus Johansso... 21,942,740
23 Anders Aukland 21,690,765
24 Torleif Syrstad 21,609,107
25 Joar Thele 21,527,809
26 Karstein Johaug 21,461,033
27 Jiří Pliska 21,021,748
28 Torgeir Sulen H... 20,862,822
29 Eddie Edström 20,738,799
30 Gabriel Höjlind... 20,657,291
31 Stanislav Řezáč... 20,425,274
32 Axel Jutterströ... 20,170,582
33 Klas Nilsson 19,965,758
34 Nils Persson 19,937,621
35 Thomas Ødegaard... 19,696,746
36 Jan Šrail 19,570,618
37 Simen Engebrets... 19,178,110
38 Bastien Poirrie... 19,138,063
39 Sofie Elebro 19,117,183
40 Mauro Brigadoi 18,992,619
41 Alexey Shemiaki... 18,653,161
42 Stian Berg 18,652,088
43 Viktor Mäenpää... 18,487,671
44 Arnaud Du Pasqu... 18,285,573
45 Aleksandr Grebe... 18,267,363
46 Dmitriy Bagrash... 18,225,082
47 Anikken Gjerde ... 18,209,193
48 Petter Soleng S... 18,089,523
49 Fabián Štoček... 17,925,232
50 Olga Tsareva 17,877,070
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Linn Svahn: “Ski Classics Is Very Interesting”

Linn Svahn announced this week that she would be training outside the Swedish national team. Now, she is open to the idea of starting on Ski Classics.

Photo: Johanna Lundberg/Bildbyrån

Linn Svahn is now open to the idea of Ski Classics, but the main goal is the World Cup and the World Championships.

“Ski Classics is very interesting. I absolutely want to go to a race this winter, but the World Cup and the World Championships come first,” this is what Linn Svahn tells SVT Sport.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Linn Svahn had chosen to stand outside the national team squads for next winter. Svahn, who missed last season due to an injured shoulder, explained her decision.

“This decision is based on the fact that I want to work tighter with my own team at home and set up a plan that is optimal both for my recovery from the injury and developed and motivating towards my future championship goals,” says Linn Svahn in the press release.

Now Svahn is open to the idea of starting on Ski Classics already this winter:

“The World Cup and the World Championships come first, but if there is time after that, I absolutely want to go to a race in Ski Classics already this winter. I really find Ski Classics very interesting. It’s fun to see how many people are attracted there and who take big steps, so we’ll see if I end up there in the future. But it will not be this year,” says Svahn to SVT Sport and continues:

“I have several clubmates dedicated to long-distance skiing; Jenny Larsson, Oskar Kardin, and Emil Persson, and I try to hang on to them when my shoulder can handle it. I see it as a strength to be able to use those who are extremely strong in their cause. They are really good double polers, so there is a lot to learn from them,” says Svahn to SVT.

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