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SC Ranking
1 Emil Persson 26,400,000
2 Ida Dahl 25,906,176
3 Astrid Øyre Sli... 25,768,596
4 Andreas Nygaard 25,418,129
5 Kasper Stadaas 24,731,571
6 Max Novak 24,408,540
7 Tord Asle Gjerd... 24,248,079
8 Johan Hoel 24,117,279
9 Stian Hoelgaard 24,037,047
10 Johannes Eklöf 24,019,556
11 Emilie Fleten 23,949,765
12 Britta Johansso... 23,924,237
13 Oskar Kardin 23,820,113
14 Karstein Johaug 23,519,136
15 Herman Paus 23,431,681
16 Morten Eide Ped... 23,346,829
17 Magnus Vesterhe... 23,275,683
18 Runar Skaug Mat... 23,109,109
19 Torleif Syrstad 23,032,412
20 Amund Riege 22,946,604
21 Axel Jutterströ... 22,774,131
22 Thomas Ødegaard... 22,616,802
23 Marcus Johansso... 22,412,961
24 Chris Andre Jes... 22,054,623
25 Eddie Edström 22,041,570
26 Magni Smedås 22,009,728
27 Petter Stakston 21,918,627
28 Torgeir Sulen H... 21,672,716
29 Anders Aukland 21,419,670
30 Nils Dahlsten 21,377,545
31 Joar Thele 21,322,744
32 Klas Nilsson 21,163,179
33 Thomas Joly 21,150,235
34 Patrick Fossum ... 20,725,034
35 Vetle Thyli 20,647,963
36 Lina Korsgren 20,364,067
37 Jan Šrail 20,312,327
38 Alvar Myhlback 20,273,712
39 Fabián Štoček... 20,037,927
40 Anikken Gjerde ... 19,954,648
41 Stian Berg 19,871,502
42 Alfred Buskqvis... 19,528,517
43 Einar Kalland-O... 19,510,307
44 Stanislav Řezáč... 19,376,666
45 Kati Roivas 19,115,332
46 Karolina Hedens... 18,998,733
47 Juuso Mäkelä 18,981,645
48 Viktor Mäenpää... 18,741,745
49 Petter Soleng S... 18,723,115
50 Jiří Pliska 18,645,529
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Member Article

Vasaloppet 2024 Is Fully Booked - Close To 30.000 Registered For The Winter Week

Vasaloppet 2024, the 100th edition, is now fully booked with 15.800 participants. In total, nearly 30.000 have registered for an event in the Vasaloppet's Winter Week in 2024.

Photo: Vasaloppet
Member Article
Photo: Vasaloppet
Member Article

The 100th edition of Vasaloppet is already fully booked. In total, nearly 30.000 have registered for next year's Winter Week.

FIS Commits To Fluor-Free Competitions With Full Waxing Ban From 2023-24 Season

The International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) has announced in a press release that the fluor wax ban will be fully implemented at the start of the upcoming 2023/2024 winter season. The decision has been made due to potential health risks and environmental concerns connected to fluorine waxes.

Photo: Harald Steiner/Bildbyrån
Member Article
Photo: Harald Steiner/Bildbyrån
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Falun World Cup: Men’s Sprint Qualifier

Edvin Anger (SWE) posted the fastest time in the sprint qualifier at the Falun World Cup in Sweden. Full results from Falun World Cup sprint qualifier in freestyle technique. The top 30 skiers qualified for the sprint finals at the Falun World Cup. Men’s sprint finals start at 13:20 CET. ...

Photo: Jesper Zerman/Bildbyrån
Member Article
Photo: Jesper Zerman/Bildbyrån
Member Article

Edvin Anger (SWE) posted the fastest time in the sprint qualifier at Falun World Cup in Sweden.

Jan Šrail: Vltava Fund Ski Team Athlete Sets His Sights On Birkebeinerrennet

Jan Šrail, a Ski Classics Pro Tour athlete from the Vltava Fund Ski Team, has been showing solid performances recently. In an exclusive interview with Šrail, ProXCskiing learned more about his recent successes and his goals for the upcoming Birkebeinerrennet.

Photo: Reichert/NordicFocus
Member Article
Photo: Reichert/NordicFocus
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Jan Šrail, Vltava Fund Ski Team, looks forward to today's Birkebeinerrennet.

Austrian World Cup Athlete Joins The Pro Tour Rankings With Ski-Willy Marathon Team Austria

Ski-Willy Marathon Team Austria has registered Mika Vermeulen, World Cup and World Championships athlete from Austria. The traditional cross-country skier is joining the Pro Team for Birkebeinerrennet.

Photo: Gintare Karpaviciute/Bildbyrån
Member Article
Photo: Gintare Karpaviciute/Bildbyrån
Member Article

Mika Vermeulen is joining the Ski-Willy Marathon Team Austria for today's Birkebeinerrennet.

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